Unattainable Triangle of 3D Printing, or is it ?

3D Printing brings a ton of advantages in terms of, lower costs involved, lower MOQs, faster delivery times, higher accuracy.
But, FDM does not do justice to the quality of the output. SLA, does not do justice to the costs involved. MJF, does not do justice for deliver times.

So which 3D Printing technology would you choose ? We get asked this question more number of times than you think. So this post is about shining more light on which technology to choose when you go with 3D Printing.

The answer is simple, just refer to the above image.

Speedy deliveries + Lower costs but Quality is not essential then, go with –FDM.
Speedy deliveries + Higher Quality but Cost is not essential then, go with – SLA.
Higher Quality + Lower costs but timeline is not essential then, go with –SLS/MJF.

What if you want Higher Quality + Speedy deliveries + Lower Costs ?
Well that is the unattainable triangle of 3D Printing !!

But, we were able to achieve Higher Quality + Decent enough timelines + Lower Costs for one particular project for Sirena Technologies Pvt Ltd, the wonderful team at Sirena had the internal structures ready and they just needed aesthetics for their humanoid, since it was for visual representation with no actual functional moment of the 3D printed parts we went with FDM + Post Processing

3D Printing Time line – 15 days
Post Processing Time line – 10 days [executed parallel]
Delivery time line – 20 days
Costs – 50% lower than SLA, 25% lower than MJF
Method – FDM + Post Processing.

FDM Printing time – 16 hours | Post Processing time – 50 hours
Complete project completion in 20 days

If you still wondering which 3D Printing technology you should go for then, kindly reach out to us on 3dprint@swamy.tech or +91-6360421212.
We will be happy to help you.

Thank you.

Abhay Swamy
Managing Director

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